Non-Resident Delaware Permit

The laws governing the legal use, storage and carrying of firearms are constantly changing. Below are the applicable laws in the State of Delaware as of 4/23/2013. The below information is designed to be a guide and not the final word. If you have specific questions, please refer to the State of Delaware legislation at

The State of Delaware does not issue a non-resident license. However Delaware will issue a non-resident a temporary License to Carry under the following condition:

(k) The Attorney General shall have the discretion to issue, on a limited basis, a temporary license to carry concealed a deadly weapon to any individual who is not a resident of this State and whom the Attorney General determines has a short-term need to carry such a weapon within this State in conjunction with that individual's employment for the protection of person or property. Said temporary license shall automatically expire 30 days from the date of issuance and shall not be subject to renewal, and must be carried at all times while within the State. However, nothing contained herein shall prohibit the issuance of a 2nd or subsequent temporary license. The Attorney General shall have the authority to promulgate and enforce such regulations as may be necessary for the administration of such temporary licenses. No individual shall be issued more than 3 temporary licenses.

(l) All applications for a temporary license to carry a concealed deadly weapon made pursuant to subsection (k) of this section shall be in writing and shall bear a notice stating that false statements therein are punishable by law.

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